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Joining a sorority in college is a life-changing experience, but garnering an education is the top priority for Kappa. This is why each chapter is expected to maintain academic standards equal to or higher than their university’s or college’s all-sorority GPA. Additionally, each chapter establishes a GPA requirement for active members. 

If a Kappa struggles academically, we help her through it. The Academic Excellence Team meets with her to craft an improvement plan using study tactics and time management. We want each sister to leave college with what they came for: a degree.

From chapter presentations on academic tips and strategies to study hours each week, the women of our chapter are constantly supported and encouraged to achieve the best they can. Study hours are hosted by the academic excellence committee in different locations across campus. This is a great way to spend time with sisters and also get help with homework!  We have an archive of past classes, teachers and study files that all of our sisters have taken. If you need help in a specific class, there's bound to be someone who can help you succeed.




Studying in the Greek Village with sisters is a great way to get your work done, and get help if you need it!


Every week, sisters can nominate each other for "Geek of the Week" - this is a sister who performed well on an academic assignment that week, like acing a test or project!